I will start by saying that I really Love Life and God and Family and Friends. I may be a little out there at times but I am just an ordinary old lady! I will add a lot of photo's that I take. I will add sayings that I hear and like or think that someone else may like. I will add slideshows and videos if I can figure that out on here too! So like I said

Friday, November 28, 2014

Raid on the Suwannee River Reenactment

We had another great time at the Suwannee River Raid this year.

 The event was moved to a different location.

Heritage House & Gardens.

Donna & I went to the Ladies Tea which was a grand event in itself!

Later our men took us to the Ball, my first ball.

The whole weekend was a huge success 

 We went shopping at  all the Sultry's and got some amazing deals. I especially loved The Family Parlor Joanne B. Kurtright, Period Seamstress. She was so helpful and sweet! I got 2 Medici Belts from her.

 Then of course there was the battle. I stretched out under a tree nearly on the battlefield. 

 My hubs checking on me! Yes , one of those horses just about ran over me!

 Oh NO !!!! Hubs got shot during the battle!

 Never surrender the bounty or the booty!

 YAY! He is not dead !

All in all that caused way too much walking for me...

... so by Sunday's battle I was pooped and stayed at camp. 

 It was so peaceful !

I barely made it through the tour of the Heritage House !