I will start by saying that I really Love Life and God and Family and Friends. I may be a little out there at times but I am just an ordinary old lady! I will add a lot of photo's that I take. I will add sayings that I hear and like or think that someone else may like. I will add slideshows and videos if I can figure that out on here too! So like I said

Monday, July 22, 2013

Tag Along ...

I had the pleasure of going on a trip with a Professional Photographer!
She is my favorite photographer...of course! There is a lot more to it than just taking pictures! Got to scope out a good location!
She is also a super real good friend!
A wonderful mom and good company!
Do you realize it takes hours just to get that one good shot !
Ha!Sometimes accidents happen! Poop! yuck!
Little ones are not always going to comply with what you want.
It is always so worth the effort though!
Thank YOU to my wonderful friend for letting me Tag Along !